H2 Elite

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Quicksilver Scientific’s H Elite tablets are a ground breaking new

supplement for adding the benefits of high-dose Hydrogen to water and any

non-carbonated beverage. As the tablet reacts millions of tiny Molecular

Hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate the liquid. Quicksilver Scientific’s H

Elite conveniently provides a high dose of the key active ingredient, Molecular

Hydrogen, making it superior to other formulas. Our new high-dose H Elite is

safe to use in an open container, no sealed bottle with pressure is required. H2

Elite activates in the least amount of time with the most ease of use.


•3rd Party Testing for purity & safety

•Free from antibiotics, colors and preservatives

•Better used in open container; no sealed bottle with pressure required

•Time to dissolve: less than 2 minutes

•Max H2 ppm (in 500ml): over 10ppm H2

•Magnesium per tablet: 80mg

Product Sheet (H2_Elite_Product_Sheet.pdf, 1,267 Kb) [Download]

Literature Piece (2019-01-29_Quicksilver_H2-Elite-01.pdf, 1,283 Kb) [Download]

Literature Piece (2019-01-29_Quicksilver_H2-Elite-02.pdf, 1,843 Kb) [Download]

Literature Piece (2019-01-29_Quicksilver_H2-Elite-03.pdf, 1,242 Kb) [Download]